Application for New Admissions

2020-2021 Notices of Application for New Admissions


1. Please bring the original and a copy of your child’s birth certificate for verification. (Our school will keep the copy for documentation.)

2. Please affix a recent photo of your child on the application.

3. Prepare five stamped self-addressed envelopes for the purpose of notification. (Please write your address and stamp a $2.6 stamp on the envelopes.)

4. Parents please complete and submit admission application by 25th October 2019 (Friday) for interview arrangement. (For late submission, our school will send out separate notifications accordingly.)

5. Our school’s interview day is set on 2/9th November 2019 (Saturday). A letter of invitation to interview will be sent out to each applicant by late October. Parents may attend interview with your child according to the scheduled time.

6. Our school’s office hour: Monday to Friday (9:30 AM-4:30 PM)

*If you have any queries, please contact our school at 2697 5622.


Announcement Date
Result will be announced through mail and our school website by 20th December 2019 (Friday).


Centralized Registration Dates
Please bring the Registration Certificate for KG Admission or School Voucher to our school to register and submit registration fee during the period of 9 January 2020 to 11 January 2020.