Support Services for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

Our school respect cultural diversity and different races. A range of supportive measures are provided for non-Chinese speaking students (NCS) to ensure them they enjoy a happy, harmonious school life.

Equal opportunities of admission are offered to all children. NCS children can come to our interview with a Chinese-speaking companion. We can also arrange interpretation or translation service for the applicants.

Community information is provided for NCS families

『Oxfam Hong Kong

Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents(CHEER Centre)』

The Centre provides free telephone interpretation service for ethnic minorities

3755 6811 (Bahasa Indonesia)     3755 6822 (Nepali)

3755 6833 (Urdu)                             3755 6844 (Punjabi)

3755 6855 (Tagalog)                       3755 6866 (Thai)

3755 6877 (Hindi)                            3755 6888 (Vietnamese)

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